The Global Municipalist Movement

The Global Municipalist Movement

Around the world, the global municipalist movement is transforming politics from the bottom up. From Spain to the United States, from across Latin America to Turkey and Syria, rebel cities are forging a new political project based on a vision of cities that are radically democratic, just and inclusive; autonomous and interconnected through networks of solidarity and cooperation.

Here you will find citizen views and perspectives on strengthening the international municipalist front to allow cities to reclaim control of their own destinies.

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Montreal’s bottom-up social democracy

Montreal's Bottom-Up Social Democracy This article was originally published on Progressive City. Residents of St-Henri, Montreal display a collective art project at a protest-assembly in front of the borough's city hall to demand public ownership of the derelict Canada Malting factory. The text reads: "St-Henri, my neighborhood is not for sale", "a meeting place for everyone", and "my garden". Montreal [...]

For the reelection of Ada Colau: International endorsement letter

The results of the May 26 elections in Barcelona will determine the opportunity for change beyond your city. Those of us who want a fairer, more democratic, feminist future want and need Ada Colau’s municipalist government to continue four more years.

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